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The Great 9/11 Pentagon Insurance scam !!!!

Mr President, the Pentagon was attacked, hundereds of lives lost, someone turned the gamma ray thingy up too high !

 Look at my CAR, someone had better fix that fender, your SUV had better not look as good as MY car.

September 11 Pentagon 9/11 car oddity photo insurance scam fraud

Below Photo 1)

Keep your eye on the fence which is draped over the car. This picture is surely taken just after the explosion,
there is still fire in the main hole, as well as in the window, and the car itself.
The proximity of the car to the building seems to be only a few feet, and it seems very close to the area that was hit.

photos September 11 cars Pentagon hole explosion         September 11 Pentagon 9/11 - white car 
SUV picture insurance days after attack

bombingof the pentagon picture

This photo, though we have no date or time, appears to be taken at least late in the day, if not, in the days following.
 The sun is hitting the firemans back, so it is apparent that it was taken in the afternoon.
Notice the flag, this is not seen on other photos on the day of the attack.

The fence seems to still be resting on top of the car, as if it had not moved ?

damaged, metal twisted pentagon bombing

In the Photo above, the cars hood and right front fender seem damaged, metal twisted near tire,
the hood is actually cracked UP from the fender alowing air in, thus fire out.

Pics below, the Pentagon body shop has fixed the right front fender preparing car for a new paint job.
(the dent on the right front fender has been fixed ?)

Below Photo 2)

SUV oddity insurance FRUAD !   Pentagon missile or BOMB

AHH thats better, the hood is lined up perfectly with the fender,
and the big hole in the fender just above the tire was repaired!

notice the bondo in brown on the door. ( i used to work in a body shop )
and the areas hit by the grinder - different white/silver colors and patterns on the door.

Notice in photo 3 above, the columbs of the Pentagon are supported by wood, which means that picture 1
was probabally taken if not hours later, posibally a day or more after.

Look at pic 3 above in respect to pic 5 and pic 8, the cars were moved!

Below Pic 4)
Pentagon car fire picture september 11  

The body shop at the Pentagon sucks, the SU V that was in pristine condtion and was black,
 it is now white, missing the license plate, and they stole the tires, I think they are running a chop shop !

Below Pic 4)
pentagon running a chop shop 9/11

SUV impactged photo car running a chop shop

No wonder they could not put out the car fire, they could not find the cars !
The 2 shots below show the cars and SUV near the impact area,. while the one above shows them far away.
The photo above seems to be taken just before noon, look at the shadow cast from the fire truck.
This wall of the pentagon faces west, so the morning sun would come over the pentagon.
Since D.C. is not near the equator, at noon the sun still casts a shadow coming from the south.
The fire truck displays this on this photo. (it appears to be noonish, or just before)


Photo appears to be taken september 11th, the shadows thrown make it seem to be mid-morning.

These cars were buried in the rubble, that means they must have been there when the wall collapsed.
If the SUV was in great shape, why did they move the car INTO the damaged area before it was about to collapse?
If it was there all along, how did they escape the wing hitting them ?

what is the color of the station wagon, is it a wagon or SUV ???,
is the color diferent due to fire or foam? what color is the sport car ?

Below Photo 5)

The car above, on fire (left car) is white, right car, SUV ? or station wagon? dark in color, not damaged
( just had a wax job ?), license plate intact. what is the timeline in this picture, if the wall has collapsed,
 then to the right out of the feild of view. several meters/yards from the car

If this photo is after collapse as some have said, then why is the SUV still black, in mint condition,
and not hit by FOAM as it is in Photo 11? Either they washed the SUV or this pic was taken before Photo 11.

Below Photo 6)

license plate photo foam truck fire picture pentagon 9-11

what object hit the building on September 11 pentagon helipad helicopter photo
Just seconds after the attack. A zoom-in shows the cars REAL position when the "object" hit the building.
The bright orange to the right is the impact area.

bright orange cars DOD website several cars burned orange pictures

These cars below were photographed later. I got the pics from the DOD site.
It indicated that there were SEVERAL cars that were burned that day !
In all of the photos of the buiding , we have only seen two, where did the other car come from?

(Below Photo 7)
damaged caar tires burned pictures broken windows rubber smell

(Below Photo 8)

(Below Photo 9)
fireman fire-hose 9/11 damage hi-resolution photo Septembner 11
The car above looks parked just under the pentagon wall in the damaged area.

(Below Photo 10)

(Below Photo 11)

firemen foamed the SUV put out Bush's car fire pentagon collapse  fireman wash wax car suv Rumsfeld DOD

Above , they foamed the SUV to put out "Bushes"car ( this is from a famous pre-collapse picture )

Below, since Bush had left the premisis to play a pre-sheduled game of golf,
Rummy got the fireman to put the license plate back on, wash, and wax his SUV.

( Fireman do that kinda stuff most of the time anyway )

(Below Photo 12)
humor- Pentaogn insurance scam rubble Impeach Bush and Rumsfeld for Insurance FRAUD !!!!!

Both of these cars were moved and then replaced.
 I guess that is the perks you get at the Pentagon, REAL GOOD insurance.

If you look at Pic 5 again, they had to take the SUV out of the rubble,
then send it to the Penta-Body-Shop.
So they moved the cars INTO the rubble ( so the insurance company could take pics)
 then BACK OUT of the rubble after the insurance company left !!!!!

This whole thing was a setup ! It was an insurance scam !!

Impeach Bush and Rumsfeld for Insurance FRAUD !!!!!

( Hey, Clinton was impeached for LESS )

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